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Speeding Events

What Is It?

eMentor monitors your speed while driving via GPS. Speeding violations are detected in two scenarios. 

1.  Speeding Over A Certain Distance

If you travel less that 10 mph over the speed limit for more than the distance of a city block, that will be detected and you will receive a speeding violation. 

You can, in this situation, drive up to 9 mph over the posted speed limit for the distance of a city block and not receive a speeding violation from eMentor. This is to allow drivers to react to emergency situations. Be extremely careful if you do this, as you will be exceeding the speed limit and can still be pulled over by the police and given a fine. Exceeding the posted speed limit is for emergency situations only.

2.  Driving Too Fast

If you drive more than 10 mph over the speed limit for any distance at all, for any amount of time, you will receive a speeding violation. 

Why Is It Important?

Speeding violations heavily impact your FICO score and remain on your FICO score for seven full routes after you receive them, and they also heavily impact Bridgetown's DSP score. If you drive defensively and remain alert and anticipate potential problems as you drive, you should never have to speed. 

How Is It Measured?

Your Speeding Event Rate is the number of speeding events per route you drive. It is an absolute metric and should be 0.

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