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FICO Score

How does it work?

Your FICO score is a composite score made up of the following metrics:

  • Harsh Acceleration, Braking and Cornering: These are major indicators of following too closely, aggressive driving, fatigue and distraction.

  • Speeding: A major indicator of risky driving and increased threat of serious injury.

  • Reversing: One of the most dangerous driving maneuvers

  • Seat Belt use: Wearing your seat belt decreases your chance of death or serious injury by more than 60%.

  • Idling: Just 6 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning the engine off and on at each stop.

  • Distraction from device usage: A major and growing cause of the increasing rate of collisions and fatalities – 52% of crashes involve device use; 70% of severe collisions involve distracted drivers.

How Scoring Works:

The factors that most heavily impact your FICO score are fast acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, and distracted driving/phone manipulation. 

Netradyne Cameras:

Be aware that starting this March 2021 your FICO score will include monitoring from the Netradyne cameras in the vans. These monitor your attention to stop signs, traffic lights, pedestrians entering the roadway, following distance, distracted driving, and seatbelt usage. 

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