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Did Not Receive


What Is it?

Did Not Receive (DNR) is a metric that tracks how many customers claimed to not have received a package you delivered. Amazon adjusts this metric by an index of crime rate for the area, and how difficult an area has been to deliver to historically.

How to Avoid DNRs:

Take these steps and use these tips to try and prevent DNRs on your routes.

1. Always deliver packages to a safe place that is out of sight from passersby.

2. Always take photos of your deliveries. Photos provide proof that you delivered packages and can help Bridgetown protect your driver score.

3. Watch your surroundings. Keep an eye out for people following you on your route, and for people who are watching you closely as you deliver packages. Porch pirates will watch to see where you leave packages, so put them in safe out of sight areas, and take photos of them so customers know where you have left them.

4. Use customer instructions to your advantage. If a customer asks to have their delivery left at the rear door, or another safe place, you should do so. Packages are hidden and protected when you leave them at the rear door. Another Safe Place deliveries are a great opportunity as well. Often customers will request that you place packages in a crate, or inside an enclosed mud room, which hides and protects the packages from porch pirates.

5. Use customer screen doors to your advantage. You can place envelopes and thin boxes in between a customer’s front door and their screen door for added protection. Just snap a photo before you close the screen door.

6. Use customer decorations to your advantage. You can place smaller packages behind objects customers use to decorate their porches and doorsteps. Hose buckets and empty planters are great spots to put envelopes and smaller packages. You can slide envelopes and smaller packages behind planters and planter boxes as well. Patio furniture can be used too. Envelopes and thin boxes can be hidden underneath or behind pillows, cushions, and blankets, or behind the furniture itself. Always make sure your photos show where you left packages you hide this way so the customer can easily find them.

How Is It Measured?

DNR is an absolute measure. If you get 3 complaints against you, that will be your DNR count. You want this score to be 0.

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