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POD Opportunities

POD Opps.

What Is It?

POD Opps. (Photo Of Delivery Opportunities) is the metric that counts how many times during a week you completed a delivery in which it was possible to take a photo. This number is compared with the number of photos you took of deliveries during the week to generate your SWC-POD score. 

The most important thing to know about this metric is that there are certain situations in which you cannot take a photo of a delivery. These deliveries do not count towards either your SWC-POD score, or your POD Opps. number. 

As an example, when you get a delivery that simply has a Swipe To Finish page where you cannot take a photo, this does not count towards your POD Opps. score. Amazon hub and locks do not count towards your POD Opps. score either. 

However, if you complete a delivery in which you had the ability to choose a scan code that would allow you to take a photo, that will count towards your POD Opps. number. Try to always use a scan code that lets you take a photo. You can read more about that on our SWC-POD page:

How Is It Measured?

Your POD Opps. number is a simple count of the number of times during the working week that you were able to use a scan code during a delivery that would have let you take a photo. You want to try to take a many photos as you possibly can so that the number of photos you take during the week is the same number as your POD Opps. number, or very close to it. 

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