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Scan Compliance


What Is It?

Scan Compliance (SWC-SC) is a metric that tracks how many packages that you delivered are scanned into the Flex app. Every package you deliver should be scanned at some point before completing the delivery, or marking it as Undeliverable. Packages that are marked as either Delivered or Undeliverable by either Dispatch or RTS count against your Scan Compliance score. If you follow the process for marking a Package as Undeliverable you will be able to scan it, and that package will count towards your Scan Compliance score.


Using Airplane Mode To Scan Packages: 

If you don't have cell service or cannot call Driver Support to drop a geofence so you can complete a delivery you can use the airplane mode on the rabbit device to complete the delivery and get credit for your SWC-SC score without having to call Dispatch or Driver Support.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Put the rabbit into airplane mode by dragging down the quick actions menu from the top of the screen and select the airplane mode button.

  2. Re-enable Bluetooth by clicking the Bluetooth quick action icon.

  3. Scan the package and use a scan code that lets you take a photo. Complete the delivery and swipe to finish.

How Is It Measured?

Your SC score is measured on a percent basis, from 0% to 100.%. To receive a SWC-SC score of Fantastic, you need to have a SC percentage of 99.9%.

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