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Seat Belt Compliance

What Is It?

Seatbelt violations occur when you sit in the driver's seat and shift the van into Drive, or if you remove your seatbelt while the van is in motion. Your seatbelt compliance score heavily impacts your DA (Delivery Associate) score. Between the van's internal sensors and the Netradyne cameras, there is simply no way to not wear your seatbelt and not receive a violation. It is important that drivers wear their seatbelts at all times, as even accidental violations will heavily impact your DA score, and Bridgetown's DSP score. 

All Amazon branded vans monitor seatbelt usage in two ways. The first is by detecting if a seat has someone sitting in it. The second is by using the Netradyne camera system.

1.  Seat Occupant Detection

The van detects that a seat is occupied with a load sensor. The sensor is activated by having weight placed on the seat. This is important to know for two reasons. The first reason is that if you are sitting in the driver's seat and shift the van into Drive without your seatbelt buckled, that will be detected by the van. Seatbelt violations heavily impact your DA score and impact Bridgetown's DSP score. 

The second reason it is important to know how the van detects if a seat is occupied is because if you put your backpack or packages in the passenger seat the van will think it is occupied and will give you seatbelt violations if you don't have the seatbelt buckled on the passenger seat. It's a good idea to buckle the passenger seatbelt when you first get into the van in the morning and just leave it buckled throughout the route. 

2.  Netradyne Cameras

All vans that have Netradyne cameras in them can detect whether or not you buckle the seatbelt, and if you wear it correctly. The Netradyne camera score will be included in your DA score, so it is important that you not only buckle your seatbelt before shifting the van into Drive, but also that you wear the seatbelt correctly. The camera can detect if you merely buckle the seatbelt and then sit on top of it. There is no way to get around the Netradyne cameras detecting seatbelt usage.

How Is It Scored? 

Your Seatbelt Off Rate is calculated as the number of times you had your seatbelt off during a route divided by the number of routes you drove in a working week. A score of 0 is perfect.

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