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Delivery Completion Rate


What Is It?

Delivery Completion Rate (DCR) is a metric that tracks how many packages from your routes you bring back to the station.

What Impacts your DCR score?

The cases where a delivery is unsuccessful which count against your DCR are:

Unable to Locate (UTL): unable to find the delivery building.

Tip: Try searching for the address in Google Maps and Waze before moving on. The Flex app doesn’t have the best navigation, and sometimes different mapping apps can get you to where you need to go to make a delivery. Google maps is very handy for many apartment complexes, just search for the building, e.g. 1234 Fake St Apts, building C.

Unable to Access (UTA): unable to enter the delivery building.

Tip: If you cannot access a building due to keyed entryways and the customer did not provide you with an access code or their phone number, try looking for a call box, or office number first. If you cannot gain entry, make sure to check in with RTS when you come back to the station and debrief with them.

Customer Unavailable: unable to access the building due to the customer not being present.

No Secure Location (NSL): unable to find a safe place to leave the packages.

Business Closed (BC): the driver can’t deliver to a business because it is closed.

Tip: Check your itinerary map before leaving the yard to see if you have business parks on your route. Try to go to businesses early in the day.

Out of Drive Time (OODT): the driver returned to the station as they ran out of time on the route to complete the delivery.

Tip: Do not swipe Start Work in the Flex app until you park in the loading yard. This will give you the maximum amount of time to finish delivering all of your packages before you get locked out of the app for going Out Of Drive Time. You only get 11 hours on the road before getting locked out of the flex app.

Packages Not on Van (PNOV): packages are missing from the delivery van.

Tip: Have packages that are not on your van removed from your itinerary before you leave the loading yard. Do this by finding an Amazonian and getting them to Scan To Verify the missing package. If the package turns up while you’re out delivering, pick it up with the Flex app, or have it marked as Delivered by Dispatch.

Packages Returned to Station – Other: All other packages that have been returned to station that have not been explicitly captured above, e.g. poor weather.

Tip: Call Dispatch if you cannot complete a delivery and are going to mark it as Undeliverable. Dispatch may be able to find a solution that allows you to complete the delivery.

How Is It Measured?

The DCR score is calculated on a percentage basis. 99.9% to 100% is a rating of Fantastic, and 99.0 to 99.8 is a rating of Great.

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