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Attended Deliveries

What Is It?

An attended delivery is a delivery in which you deliver a package directly to a customer. A delivery is counted as an Attended Delivery when you use the scan code Delivered To Customer, or when you batch together multiple location deliveries on a single stop. Any delivery you do not take a photo of is considered an Attended Delivery. Amazon tracks how often you perform Attended Deliveries and doing too many will negatively impact your driver score.

Why To Avoid Using This Scan Code:

If you avoid using the Delivered To Customer scan code, and avoid grouping together deliveries on a single stop, you will be able to boost your SWC-POD score and hedge against rejected photos from other deliveries, which will help keep your score in the Fantastic range.

Additionally, if you take photos of all your deliveries, it can protect your DAR metric. If we have proof that you delivered packages in the form of a photo, even if a customer claims you did not deliver them, we have proof that you did indeed deliver those packages.

How To Avoid Attended Deliveries:

Single Delivery Stop:

At a stop where you’re only delivering to one address simply select any scan code that allows you to take a photo of the packages. Be aware that taking a photo with your hand, or the customer’s hands holding the packages will cause your photo to be rejected, which will harm you SWC-POD score. Often customers will try to walk up to you to receive a package, which makes taking a photo difficult. A good course of action is to offer to place the package somewhere for the customer, after which you can take a clear photo. Or you can simply explain that you need to take a quick photo due to Amazon delivery guidelines. Customers are usually understanding and don’t mind.

Multiple Delivery Stops:

For multiple delivery stops you’ll need to choose an address and pick the packages for that address. Scan in the packages at the point of delivery and continue with that delivery as you would for a single stop delivery. Repeat this process for the other deliveries at that stop. This will allow you to select a scan code that lets you take a photo.

Sometimes you’ll come to a multiple delivery stop where there is only one address, but two deliveries for that address. For this you can do the same as above, or you can scan all of the packages for that stop, and then select each customer’s delivery individually and take photos of each set of packages all in one go.

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