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Photo On Delivery


What Is It?

Photo On Delivery (SWC-POD) is a metric that tracks how many photos you take of the deliveries you make. Only good quality photos count towards your score, while rejected photos subtract from it. Below are some examples of what can cause a photo to be rejected, and an example of a high quality photo, along with some pointers and tips.

POD Tips:

1. You can retake photos as many times as necessary to get a good photo. Retakes do not count against your POD Score.

2. If the camera isn't focusing, refresh the camera page by hitting the back button and then go back to the camera page. 

3. Center the frame of the picture on the package to get the fastest focus time out of the camera. The camera can focus anywhere, but it focuses fastest on what is in the center of the photo field. 

4. Due to privacy concerns, you cannot see your rejected photos. If you're getting rejected photos on your scorecard, talk to one of the lead drivers and they can get you targeted feedback on what is causing your photos to be rejected.

How Is It Measured?

Your POD score is measured by taking all of your accepted photos and comparing it to the number of opportunities you had to take photos of deliveries. A Fantastic rating for SWC-POD is 99.9% to 100%, and a Great Rating is 99.2% to 99.8%.

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Blurry Photos

Fuzzy or blurry photos will be rejected. Hold the rabbit steady while taking a photo to prevent motion blur. If the camera won’t focus properly, hit the back button and then go back to the camera page. Sometime the camera won’t focus with the flashlight on, try toggling the flashlight on and off, or hit the back button to refresh the camera page.


Human In Photo

Any identifiable part of a human in a photo will cause it to be rejected. Even someone's hand holding a package in a photo will cause it to be rejected. Reflections in windows, or photos with people in the window will be rejected. Additionally, animals and pets in a photo will cause a rejection.


Dark Photos

Dimly illuminated or dark photos will be rejected. To avoid this, use the flashlight at night, or when a package is in a shady spot. If you use a hand held flashlight, make sure to not point the beam directly on the package but instead off to one side to indirectly illuminate the package, if the flashlight is too bright it can washout the photo and cause it to be rejected as not having a package detected in the photo.


A Perfect Photo

The package is in sharp focus and well lit, there is nothing identifiable in it, there are no animals in it, there are no humans or reflections of humans in it, and the package is centered in the photo. This is a photo that will not be rejected.

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