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Contact Compliance


What Is It?

Contact Compliance (SWC-CC) is a metric that tracks how often you attempt to contact a customer when preparing to mark a package as Undeliverable. Each time you mark a package as Undeliverable, you must follow a specific set of steps to be given credit for attempting to contact the customer. You will receive credit for attempting to contact a customer even if they do not answer a call or reply to a text.

You must attempt to contact a customer for every delivery you mark as Undelivered, this includes closed businesses. For stops with deliveries at multiple locations, you only need to attempt to contact one customer at that stop to receive Contact Compliance credit.

Steps For Contact Compliance:

  1. Scan the package.

  2. Press the ➀ in the app menu and select Package Undeliverable.

  3. Follow the prompts to text the customer, repeat and call the customer, and repeat one last time and text the customer.

  4. The package can now be either marked as Undeliverable in your Flex app while on the road, or you will need to call Dispatch to have the Package marked as Undeliverable.

  5. Check in with RTS at the end of your route when you return your undelivered packages to make sure none of your undelivered packages are still on your itinerary and counted as On The Road.

Always Text/Call/Text when marking a package as Undeliverable.

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